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"Since I'm not a child, I will not play Sticky Seeds with you!"[1]

Alice (アリス Arisu) is a prominent character in the RPG Fudousan series.

Official Description[]

Job: Beastmaster / Workplace: RPG Real Estate
A fresh-faced realtor who took on the job because of her admiration of Kotone.[2]


Alice is a former Kingdom soldier who holds RPG Real Estate with high regard, especially after witnessing the "dragon situation" first-hand in battle. She eventually gets her wish of working with them and moves in with the girls on the volcanic island. Due to her petite stature, she is initially mistaken as a lost child - being called a "child" is a longstanding pet peeve of Alice's, despite her constant pratfalls on the job. Her ability to command and communicate with wild beasts makes her a valuable addition to the realty, among those is a giant foliage creature named Jeffon and a butterfly named Mosuka.


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